Matt Womac

May 26, 2022 - 1629 views

Matt is a proud father and die hard racing enthusiast. A U.S army veteran hailing from Tennessee, Matt believes in true equality for all and raising awareness of that in motorsport is his new mission.

He became addicted to motorsports due to his love of cars. He and his father always quizzed each other on classic cars we would see. Then the sound of an F1 car grabbed him and it was all over from there!

As a motorsport enthusiast, specifically drag racing here in the US, he was always aware of some dominant women in racing. The emergence of the W Series opened his eyes to the challenges women racers and LGBTQ members face. He hopes to become a better ally and bring about the change in racing and the world that he wants to see, and Downforce Radio supports both his and Sisters of Speed's ideals.


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