Jess Shanahan

May 24, 2022 - 1041 views

Jess Shanahan started her career as a motorsport journalist but her background in marketing and sales drew her to sponsorship. She began to work closely with drivers and teams from karting and grassroots racing up to British GT and BTCC. It was from here she started the Porsche race team Turn Eight Racing.

For the team, sponsorship flowed in allowing them to win almost everything they took part in. During that time, drivers began to ask how the Porsche was so heavily sponsored. It was then that Jess realised that many drivers were still looking to the old ways of securing sponsorship - ways that no longer work in this digital age.

From here, Racing Mentor was born. Jess stepped away from the team and began to build something that gave racing drivers the tools and knowledge needed to secure sponsorship and stay on track. She hosts the Racing Mentor podcast for Downforce Radio.


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