Mike Read Breakfast Show

From Monday to Friday, from 07:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Mike Read starts your day the right way, with our three hour breakfast extravaganza! Brilliant music, great chat and banter, and the legend that is Mike Read - what more could you want with your bacon sandwich and cup of tea!!

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Kernow, 1 month ago
Your a hard man to track down
petercoylefractal, 7 months ago
Thank you so much for playing Out of His Depth Mike x really appreciated have a great day x
Paul1, 1 year ago
Hi Mike this is a long shot but hope this message finds you. I played in a band called rocket that played on a tv show called “sky star search” that you were a judge on. You were very complimentary to our band comparing us to the sex pistols and Rolling Stones also saying that if our song landed on your desk you would play it and if you were a A&R man you would sign us. Your words made a huge impact on the credibility of our band and also my career and life as a musician, I went on to play with Paul King, massive attack, kenny Thomas and a few others which all started around that time and I put down to the management that took us on due to that show and mainly your interest. 30 years later but I would like to say Thank you so much for your insight and kind words. All the best Paul Ps not sure if you will like it as much but my new band “Hurricane Shack” may be up your street. https://open.spotify.com/track/6udPy7GPG6DeDxbGBPYXrE?si=3xfNWHgGRFadfAz7eTaBIg
Pete75, 1 year ago
Hello Mike, my friend was on Saturday superstore with you back in the day, can I get a signed photo for his birthday. Here it's the episode, it was Adam. https://youtu.be/6JKF4Y2EfpY
JamesGood, 2 years ago
love that song Don't Panic England...not heard that before. Is it new or old?
Mary v, 2 years ago
Love the music
Charley24 , 2 years ago
So happy you will be playing Les Mckeown song "Goodbye" on your show weekdays. Thank you. X
Graham270, 2 years ago
Graham270, 2 years ago
Every time I hear Ace Of Spades it reminds me of that scene in the Young Ones with Rick and Adrian and also SPG....brilliant
Graham270, 2 years ago
ABSOLUTE KILLER OF S TUNE !!!...good luck to Rick Parfitt jnr on his season ahead with his new sponsors.