Aquatic Motorsport

May 18, 2021

Motorsport has many championships that see water as the main playing field, which makes the challenge for drivers and engineers particularly challenging, as thanks to tides and wash no two laps are the same with each contest. Here’s what you can expect to find for motorsport on water:



Entertaining, thrilling and exciting are just some of the words you could use to describe the national and world-class sport of Powerboat Racing. With speeds potentially reaching in excess of 120+mph in the senior classes this action packed, water based form of boat racing is fast becoming one of the professional and popular forms of competitive powerboating.

One of the reasons for the sports huge success is the fact that most of it’s disciplines are ‘stock engine classes’, and any tuning or modification to the original engines is strictly forbidden. This keeps the financial running costs to a minimum for powerboat clubs and teams as well as ensuring that success will come to the most talented and knowledgeable powerboat drivers. Compared to other forms of motorsport the Powerboat GP series has an extremely economical entry level & very affordable running costs. It’s also the sport where Formula 2 champion and IndyCar star Dean Stoneman made his name.



There are three main types of circuit racing boats – hydroplane, monohull and catamaran and within these types there are many classes from which to choose.

Boats with engines over 1000cc are not usually available to newcomers who must first prove themselves capable of racing safely in smaller engined classes. Compared to most other forms of motorsport, circuit powerboat racing is not anywhere near as expensive.



The Hovercraft Club of Great Britain is the UK National Club for anyone interested in the development of light Hovercraft for recreational purposes. The Club is a founder member of the European Hovercraft Federation. Many members build their own craft which are then used for racing or cruising. Over the past 40 years the technical expertise within the Club has grown immeasurably and is available to all members in a range of specialised publications or on a more personal level through the members who are always willing to advise and assist.

Hovercraft racing is a truly breathtaking sport. It’s fast and exciting both to participate in and to watch! The HCGB organise a national racing championship, contested over six to eight racing meetings around the country each year. These meetings are usually held over a weekend or bank holiday weekend and take place in a wide variety of locations on courses made up of both land and water sections.




Offshore Powerboat Racing in the UK is probably one of the best examples of an extreme watersport which is both challenging and highly competitive.

The sport is administered by the RYA who in association with their affiliated Powerboat Racing Clubs both organise and regulate the sport.

There are several different levels of competitive racing which are designed to both encourage those new to the sport and to satisfy our existing competitors at National and International level.



Most of you will know these as ‘jet skis’ or personal watercraft. In racing terms they are referred to as Jet Sports nationally and Aquabikes, internationally – confused We thought you might be!

There are many types of ski available from various manufacturers in this very competitive field.



For more information head to the Royal Yachting Association.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is the national body for all forms of boating, including dinghy and yacht racing, motor and sail cruising, RIBs and sports boats, powerboat racing, windsurfing, canal and river boat cruising, and personal watercraft.


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