WSC Group set to introduce hybrid kit in TCR Series from 2023

January 13, 2022

by Maciej Hamera

The WSC group, the entity behind the TCR and ETCR concepts, have announced that by 2023 all TCR series will be given an option to implement hybrid technology and become "HTCR Series" in the process.

WSC began a study in the early months of 2021 to produce a mild hybrid kit for the TCR machines.

After all the manufacturers who are involved in the series showed interest, a concept was created that consists of a plug-in system that is distributed to manufacturers so that they can install them into their models.

This system will supply additional power to the combustion engine from around 20 to 30 KWs by storing energy from the braking and deceleration regeneration process.

The aim is for the system is to both establish an affordable price, taking into account residual values of the different racing cars including those that are second or third hand.

The group aim to have this new Hybrid system ready to be supplied to any TCR series that wishes to use them by 2023, with them being renamed to "HTCR Series" if they proceed with the system.

A string of development tests is planned for the end of January with an ambition to run the new system in one selected TCR series this year.

Image credit: TCR China


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