Gen3 regulations pushed back to 2023 Supercars season

October 13, 2021

By Maciej Hamera 

The Gen3 regulations have been postponed to 2023 following an official press release from Supercars.

Citing factors outside their control regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, problems involving international supply chains as well as lockdown restrictions within Australia have caused disruptions to the Gen3 program.

With the Gen3 testing program being limited in addition to this year’s season being condensed into the final months of 2021, the stakeholders including Repco, Ford, General Motors and Supercars’ broadcast partners decided that pushing back the regulations was the best course of action.

However, the public has been reassured that the 2023 Gen3 cars will make their debut this year on track for demonstration runs at the Bathurst 1000 in December.

Supercars CEO Sean Seamer explained the reasons behind the delay but desires for the new cars to make their public debut this year.

"While this is a delay to the introduction of the racing it’s certainly not going delay getting the cars in front of the public," Seamer said.

"We are going to be revealing the Mustang and the Camaro at Bathurst, on the Friday this year.”

"Then we will make sure that those cars are with us every round next year conducting demonstration laps and getting people as close to the new cars as possible."

"It's unfortunate because that this is a few factors outside of their control," Seamer explained.

"The first thing that is a real challenge is that the teams that are responsible for building the cars now have a very onerous run in to the end of the season this year.”

"They are going to be on the road from the end of this month, right up until Christmas when they go back to Queensland.”

"That takes them out of action and not able to do as much testing on the new cars as we would like, because we have to prioritise this season, and then going forward into next year.”

"The further development of the vehicles is still a challenge given global supply issues."

Image credit: Supercars


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